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Singapore SwimSafer Stage 3

Singapore SwimSafer Stage 3

Unleashing Proficiency and Confidence with SwimSafer Singapore

Elevate your swimming journey with SwimSafer Singapore as we guide you through the dynamic challenges of SwimSafer stage 3.

Our specialized stage 3 program is meticulously designed to refine your swimming skills, boost your water confidence, and further deepen your understanding of water safety. Our experienced instructors are dedicated to assisting you in mastering the techniques and knowledge necessary for conquering the waters safely and proficiently.

What is important?

  • Water Safety Awareness
  • Comfort in Water
  • Floating and Buoyancy
  • Breath Control and Blowing Bubbles
  • Kicking and Arm Movements
  • Water Play and Games
Your Gateway to Swimming Succes

SwimSafer Singapore's Stage 3

Begin your aquatic adventure with SwimSafer Singapore's Stage 3 program, designed to build a strong foundation for water confidence and safety.

As a premier provider of comprehensive swimming lessons for all age groups in Singapore, we're dedicated to guiding you through SwimSafer stage 3, the first step in the SwimSafer journey.

SwimSafer Adventures

Navigating the Waters with Confidence

At SwimSafer Singapore, our stage 3 curriculum aligns seamlessly with SwimSafer guidelines, ensuring a comprehensive and rewarding learning experience. Through a combination of focused stroke development, endurance building, and advanced safety drills, our classes are tailored to prepare you for the SwimSafer stage 3 assessment.

Whether you're a novice swimmer looking to enhance your aquatic abilities or an advanced swimmer striving for excellence, our stage 3 program offers a structured pathway to achieve your goals. Join us today and immerse yourself in a transformative swimming journey that leads to stage 3 success and a lifelong passion for swimming.

Skills and Assessment Guide

SwimSafer Stage 3 Test Sequence

Discover the comprehensive SwimSafer Stage 3 test sequence, designed to assess fundamental water skills. Our guide provides insights into the SwimSafer program, its stage 3 evaluation process, and essential swimming techniques. Prepare effectively for the SwimSafer Stage 3 test with expert tips and insights.



Perform the following sequence:
1. 50m continuously (25m front crawl, and 25m backstroke)

Sequence 3A (w/o goggles)

Perform the following sequence:
1. Enter the water with stride/straddle entry (in deep water)
2. Swim 25m survival backstroke then, 25m breaststroke
3. Scull head-first on the back for 5m and recover
4. Scull, float or tread for 50 sec Swim through hoops on pool bottom for 2m
5. Resurface and exit safely from pool

Sequence 3B (w/o goggles)

Dressed in swimwear, shorts and t-shirt demonstrate:
1. Swim 25m using survival backstroke or survival breaststroke to a PFD (face clear of water)
2. Correctly fit a PFD in water, swim 50m with PFD, then climb out of the water

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